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Given that you have a good product with a market fit, the success or failure of a start-up primarily lies in its ability to sell. Sales provides proof of concept better than concept-proofing your business.

The critical matrix for creating a growth engine

  1. Revenue run rate
  2. Average revenue per client
  3. Customer acquisition cost
  4. Churn rate

The inspiration to start UBY’s “impact start up program” was from our realization that many start-up’s can quickly scale-up if they are associated with an experienced sales and marketing team. UBY with its experienced team and associates spread across geographies aims to fill this gap.

You don’t make money until you create paying customers. Many start-ups are reluctant to hire an experienced sales team, hence, the founders double up to do sales. Unless, the founders have a good sales background, they generally waste time reinventing the wheel. This effects the product focus, resources and time.
UBY shall partner with start-ups with market ready products in the B2B space. It will help generate sales. With decades of experience working with large and small organizations , UBY is prepared to invest upfront in sales and marketing should the product/ start up meet the expectations. This allows the start-ups to succeed by focusing on the product and reducing burn rate. UBY’s consideration shall be outcome based, which means the risk of paying and not getting results is negated.

The Impact
What if: a proven sales team takes up all your sales responsibility and you pay only for the results?

  1. An experienced sales and marketing team by your side
  2. Faster go-to-market, and increased sales velocity
  3. Market insights for product development and improvements.
  4. Freed-up bandwidth
  5. Reduced bun rate
  6. Utilize your funds to improve your product
  7. NO RISK


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